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Your Mama’s Kitchen
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Your Mama’s Kitchen

Audible & Higher Ground

“Tell me about your mama's kitchen.” That’s the simple request which begins each episode of this Audible Original podcast from acclaimed journalist Michele Norris (NPR’s All Things Considered, The Washington Post) and Higher Ground, Barack and Michelle Obama's media company. Every week, hear guests like Michelle Obama, Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach, Matthew Broderick, D-Nice, JosĂ© AndrĂ©s, and more explore the complexities of family life and how their earliest culinary experiences helped shape their personal and professional lives—and of course, each guest brings a recipe for a favorite dish from their youth so you can taste a bit of their story. With a delicious buffet of actors, authors, chefs, musicians, and more, the rich conversations that flow from that simple, initial prompt reveal the histories, memories, and cultures that emerge from the kitchen—the heart of the home—where we are nourished physically and spiritually. Read more


Mark Bittman

04/17/2024 34:50
Dr. Sharon Malone

04/10/2024 42:10
Nicole Avant

04/03/2024 34:23
Kristin Hannah

03/27/2024 38:41
Maria Bamford

03/20/2024 37:06
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Michele Norris explores the heart of every home in Your Mama’s Kitchen. Each episode unravels memories from iconic figures like Michelle Obama and Matthew Broderick, all sparked by a single question about the kitchens of their youth. Listen as they reminisce and even share cherished recipes that tell tales of their past. Your Mama’s Kitchen isn’t just about food; it's a journey into family histories, societal shifts, and personal growth. A delectable treat for the soul that celebrates food and its ties to our identity.

Your Mama’s Kitchen is a relationships podcast by Higher Ground.

Producer: Audible
Host: Michele Norris
Country: United States
Episodes count: 30
Average duration: 35’
Frequency: Weekly

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