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More Perfect
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More Perfect

WNYC Studios

We’re taught the Supreme Court was designed to be above the fray of politics. Read more


Andy Warhol and the Art of Judging Art

08/03/2023 00:41:12
The Original Anti-Vaxxer

07/27/2023 00:40:57
Not Even Past: Dred Scott Reprise

07/20/2023 00:35:24
No More Souters

07/13/2023 00:48:37
Off the Record, On the Stand

06/29/2023 00:33:23
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Our take on More Perfect podcast

More Perfect brilliantly demystifies the Supreme Court, revealing the human stories that shape our nation. Julia Longoria navigates the intersection of law and politics, capturing the essence of the Court's impact on daily American life. Each succinct yet detailed episode dives into diverse topics, from religious freedom to artistic expression. More Perfect is a history podcast by WNYC Studios.

Producer: WNYC Studios
Host: Julia Longoria
Country: United States
Episodes count: 47
Average duration: 60’
Frequency: Weekly

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