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On Musk with Walter Isaacson
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On Musk with Walter Isaacson

iHeart, Kaleidoscope

What is it like to shadow Elon Musk for two years? Read more


Introducing: The Sicilian Inheritance

04/02/2024 00:02:59
Episode Four: What is Musk’s Legacy?

12/12/2023 00:43:24
Episode Three: Storytelling and Hot Takes

12/12/2023 00:44:40
Episode Two: Demons

12/12/2023 00:42:54
Episode One: Genius

12/12/2023 00:31:45
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Our take on On Musk with Walter Isaacson podcast

Walter Isaacson, known for chronicling the lives of innovators, takes us behind the scenes with Elon Musk, after spending two years with the tech giant and publishing his biography. Isaacson, who's cracked the minds of Da Vinci and Jobs, now unpacks Musk's world: from SpaceX ambitions to Twitter's upheaval. Joined by Evan Ratliff, they explore the complexities of profiling a tech titan. It's a concise glimpse into Musk's tumultuous journey, offering a unique perspective on the man transforming our future. On Musk with Walter Isaacson is a society & culture podcast by iHeartPodcasts and Kaleidoscope.

Producer: iHeart, Kaleidoscope
Host: Evan Ratliff and Walter Isaacson
Country: United States
Episodes count: 6
Average duration: 40'

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