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Hard Fork
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Hard Fork

The New York Times

“Hard Fork” is a show about the future that’s already here. Read more


The Music Episode

04/19/2024 01:02:32
A.I.’s Data Wall + a Surprise Privacy Bill + What Happened to the TikTok Ban?

04/12/2024 01:06:24
Is AI Already Taking Jobs? + A Filmmaker Tries Sora + The XZ Backdoor Caper

04/05/2024 01:03:22
A.I.’s Messy Moment + Listeners Respond to Jonathan Haidt + Shrimp Jesus

03/29/2024 01:08:58
Justice Dept. Sues Apple + Smartphones and Children with Jonathan Haidt + Reddit’s IPO

03/22/2024 01:30:14
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Our take on Hard Fork podcast

The digital era is among the most impactful revolutionary periods witnessed throughout human history. There have been ground-breaking technological advancements and innovations that have proven to be crucial to humanity’s growth. This podcast explores the trending world of technology and explains its impact on different aspects of our livelihoods. An episode at a time, journalists Kevin Roose and Casey Newton analyze the dynamic world of tech. In addition, guests such as the founder of stability AI, Emad Mostaque, provide you with valuable insights to stay up to date on the current trends in technology. Hard Fork is a Society & Culture podcast by The New York Times.

Producer: New York Times
Host: Kevin Roose and Casey Newton
Country: United States
Episodes count: 81
Average duration: 60'
Frequency: Weekly

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