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Paul Weller Fan Podcast
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Paul Weller Fan Podcast

HenryBear & FredTed Productions

The World’s first Paul Weller Fan Podcast - hosted by Dan Jennings.Season 2 - The Story of 66 - May 2024A deep dive into the creation of Paul Weller's 17th solo studio album - 66 - with many of the huge talents that have been involved in it's creation.Including a Paul Weller Track by Track conversation, Noel Gallagher, Suggs from Madness and Dr. Robert from The Blow Monkeys.Season 1 - Desperately Seeking Paul - 2020-2023I'm Dan Jennings and ten years ago I gave up my life's dream and career as a radio presenter, with one big regret...Never getting to interview my hero, the legendary singer, songwriter and musician Paul Weller.This podcast exists purely to solve that issue...Welcome to Desperately Seeking Paul ! Read more


Charles Rees - The Wizard - The Story of 66

05/31/2024 1:30:09
Hannah Peel - The Story of 66

05/31/2024 59:36
Sir Peter Blake with Pete Paphides & Paul Weller - The Story of 66

05/31/2024 19:20
Dr. Robert - The Blow Monkeys - The Story of 66

05/31/2024 30:05
Louise Marshall - The Story of 66

05/31/2024 36:37
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Our take on Paul Weller Fan Podcast

Dan Jennings, a former local radio host, always wished he had interviewed Paul Weller. To fulfill this dream, he started the podcast Desperately Seeking Paul. This show, lasting between 90 and 120 minutes per episode, features Jennings talking with different artists about the legendary musician Paul Weller. The podcast truly stands out, especially when Jennings had a genuine three-hour conversation with Weller himself. It's a podcast that deeply connects fans with the Modfather, showcasing Jennings's love for Weller's music and turning his passion into a surprising hit. Paul Weller Fan Podcast is a music history podcast by HenryBear & FredTed Productions.

HenryBear & FredTed Productions
Dan Jennings
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