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ODB: A Son Unique
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ODB: A Son Unique


This is the story of Old Dirty Bastard, aka Ason Unique, the magnetic secret weapon of the WuTang Clan and hip hop hall of famer. Read more


Introducing - Homegrown: OKC

03/06/2024 00:46:36
Episode 8: Sometimes a Name Makes a Man

11/28/2023 00:34:14
Episode 7: Back Home

11/21/2023 00:35:34
Episode 6: Osirus

11/21/2023 00:29:28
Episode 5: Fantasy

11/14/2023 00:40:36
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Our take on ODB: A Son Unique podcast

ODB: A Son Unique is a heartfelt tribute to the legendary rap icon Ol' Dirty Bastard, narrated by Khalik Allah, a filmmaker with a knack for capturing raw human stories. The show traces ODB's journey from Brooklyn's streets to the Wu-Tang Clan's rise. Through intimate conversations with those who knew the rapper best, including mentor Popa Wu and brother Ramsey Jones, you will get a vivid portrayal of an artist whose impact on hip-hop is still felt. Khalik's unique perspective, shaped by his own artistic journey, makes each weekly 40-minute episode a deeply personal exploration of ODB's legacy. ODB: A Son Unique is a documentary podcast by USG Audio.

Producer: USG
Host: Khalik Allah
Country: United States
Episodes count: 10
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Weekly

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