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Queen of the Con
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Queen of the Con

iHeart True Crime

Professional athletes have a limited window where they can rake in millions of dollars. Read more


The Athlete Whisperer: Ep. 7, Hide Your Money and Your Old Rich Men

Today (04/25/2024) 00:42:44
The Athlete Whisperer: Ep. 6, They Know Where the Money Went

04/18/2024 00:42:50
The Athlete Whisperer: Ep. 5, Deceit from the Very Beginning

04/11/2024 00:35:50
The Athlete Whisperer: Ep.4, She is a Perfect Actor

04/04/2024 00:32:32
The Athlete Whisperer: Ep. 3, She Was a Cougar

03/28/2024 00:32:58
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Our take on Queen of the Con podcast

Queen of the Con exposes the real story behind Jen Shah, a star on Bravo's Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She may seem to have it all, but beneath her fame and fortune lies a clever con artist who has cheated many people out of their money. Through interviews with friends, neighbors, employees, and the federal agent who caught her, the podcast reveals the secrets of her scams. Each episode is only half an hour long, making it easy to follow and get absorbed in the shocking tale of deception and betrayal. Queen of the Con is a true crime podcast by iHeartPodcasts and AYR Media.

Producer: iHeart
Host: Johnathan Walton
Country: United States
Episodes count: 50
Average duration: 30’
Frequency: Weekly

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