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Ashley Lytton was a typical mom and wife in suburban Utah with three children until she discovered her husband’s horrifying secret. Read more


Introducing: Creating a Con: The Story of Bitconned

04/03/2024 00:03:20
S2: Bonus Ep 5 - What Were You Thinking?

02/22/2024 00:17:11
S2: Bonus Ep 4 – From the Depths of Hell All the Way to Heaven

12/20/2023 00:11:55
Introducing: Burden of Guilt - Episode 1

12/13/2023 00:36:03
Introducing: Burden of Guilt - Trailer

10/11/2023 00:01:55
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Our take on Betrayal podcast

This true-crime podcast lives up to its name. Each episode of Betrayal unfolds a story of abuse and devastation. Jenifer Faison and Spencer Herron met in college. Twenty years later, they reconnected, fell in love and got married. He seemed to be the perfect husband. But not for a long time. In June 2018, he got arrested because he had sexually assaulted one of his students. After this, Jennifer discovered a whole second life of her husband, who turned out to be a sex predator, something that she could have never imagined. In each episode of Betrayal, you will discover why his actions destroyed many people's lives and sent him to prison.

Producer: iHeart
Country: United States
Episodes count: 33
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: Weekly

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