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Self Help
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Self Help


Scottee is mental. Read more


5. Landscape

01/01/2024 00:28:08
4. Diagnosis

01/01/2024 00:25:21
3. Self Pity

01/01/2024 00:17:59
2. Self Care

01/01/2024 00:26:12
1. Sanity

01/01/2024 00:31:48
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Our take on Self Help podcast

Scottee's podcast, Self Help, offers a raw and honest exploration of mental health. As he reflects on personal struggles and social pressures, Scottee invites listeners into his journey of self-discovery. His honest discussions about the pitfalls of commercialized self-improvement and the complexities of self-diagnosis are both thought-provoking and relatable. Self Help is a mental health podcast by Scottee.

United Kingdom
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Listener reviews

Gerard - 01/20/2024
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the self-care episode. A few years ago before I was diagnosed with ADHD a therapist said “you’re a doer like few others”. I didn’t understand that as I rarely make time for anything other than doing. No wonder I get depressed…I’m exhausted all the time and can’t feel or see that in myself. I’m getting it now … gradually. Thanks for the inspiration to understand it better, to live it more, for it to become a practice.
Gerard - 01/20/2024
Resonated with me and my own mental health struggles so much! Thanks Scottie. Highly recommend listening to this not just once, but often, especially in the bad times. Good luck on your own journeys!

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