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The Know For Sure Pod
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The Know For Sure Pod

B. Simone & Megan Brooks

Welcome to "In Totality," where host, Megan Ashley guides Christians on the journey of living a life that's wholly devoted to God. Read more


EP 25: Spiritual Discipline

04/23/2024 01:06:07
EP 24: Divine Truth (Ft.Brenda Palmer)

04/16/2024 01:23:18
EP 23: Bold In Faith

04/09/2024 00:42:35
EP 22: Chosen Family:Matthew 12:50 (Ft Jay & Jordan)

04/02/2024 01:18:15
EP 21: Friendship,Faith & Forgiveness (Ft. Trinity Mitchell)

03/26/2024 01:26:40
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Our take on The Know For Sure Pod podcast

Maintaining a long-lasting friendship can be a significant challenge, especially if the friends are from different worlds. B.Simone and Megan Brooks share their 20 years of experience as best friends as they discuss what it takes to maintain a genuine friendship. These conversations with Simone, a comedian, business mogul, and actress, and Megan, her business partner, and best friend, are also divergent on different topics like setting standards and being brave enough to try new adventures and face new challenges. The Know For Sure Pod is a society & culture podcast by B. Simone & Megan Brooks.

Producer: B. Simone & Megan Brooks
Host: B. Simone & Megan Brooks
Country: United States
Episodes count: 112
Average duration: 70'
Frequency: Weekly

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