Huberman Lab

Huberman Lab podcastDr Andrew Huberman analyzes and explains how our brain works and is connected with the body organs. A podcast about neuroscience not to miss.

Making Space with Hoda Kotb

Making Space with Hoda Kotb podcastHoda Kotb explores the resilience of the human spirit and learns from those who've found strength in adversity.


Forever35 podcast Host: Kate Spencer & Doree Shafrir
Country: United States

Good For Us

Good For Us podcast Host: Jonny Atkinson and Lewis Hiller
Country: United Kingdom

Happy Place

Happy Place podcast Host: Fearne Cotton
Country: United States

The best Health podcasts

Health podcasts are an extensive section that encompasses mental health, dieting, and human health in general. Given the current surge in mental health matters, podcasts about mental health have multiplied in numbers. Some of them are motivational and inspiring. These shows are a must-listen for anyone needing motivation, with mantras that set your mentality in the right gear and encouraging speeches.
Diet and nutrition enthusiasts get a unique experience from the nutrition podcasts available. These shows tackle slimming, weight gain, vegan diets, and eating disorders. Expert guests are invited for fruitful conversations on the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet and the best way to do so. Hosts are nutritional experts and give practical tips on creating and sustaining healthy eating programs. ‎
There are wellness podcasts and podcasts for women. They handle sexual health and general body wellness. Guests with expertise and experience in fitness and sexual health are invited to the various shows. They advise how women should maintain their mental, physical, emotional, and sexual health. ‎In addition, you can listen to the most exciting interviews regarding sex and relationships.
These health podcasts generally correlate at a point, and listening to a couple of them broadens the listener’s perspective on such matters. These are the go-to audio resource for fitness and well-being.