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Some Work, All Play
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Some Work, All Play

David Roche and Megan Roche

Five to ten topics, sometimes about running, with lots of love and enthusiasm and science. Read more


211. Speed for Long Races, Olympic Trials and Western States, vVO2 Workouts, Roger Federer's Speech on Belief, and Bicarb Hacks!

06/18/2024 01:35:19
210. Why Strides Work, Supershoe Tech Review for the Trails, History at NCAA Champs, Parker Valby's Dominance, and AI Songs!

06/11/2024 01:34:10
209. Love With Limits, Spring Energy's False Nutrition Labels, Kilian's Unmatched Dominance, Running Club Romance, and The Future is Female Coaches!

06/04/2024 01:36:07
208. Gel Controversy Grows, Courtney's Nutrition Strategy, Fueling Case Studies, World Record 10k, Trash Talking on the Track, and A Meaning of Life!

05/28/2024 01:35:23
207. Core Strength, Controversy in a Gel's Calorie Total, Track Coaching Takeaways, Ketones and Hormones, Big Hope, and Coaching AI!

05/21/2024 01:35:26
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Our take on Some Work, All Play podcast

David and Megan Roche bring a refreshing take to the running world in their weekly podcast, Some Work, All Play. As decorated athletes and coaches, they blend expertise with a laid-back style, discussing everything from Omega-3's benefits to Taylor Swift's workout playlist. Their unique perspectives make for engaging conversations on topics like marathon prep and the latest in running tech, plus a side of humor with their training tips. Some Work, All Play is a running podcast by David Roche and Megan Roche.

David Roche and Megan Roche
David Roche and Megan Roche
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