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Spooning with Mark Wogan
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Spooning with Mark Wogan

Virgin Radio UK

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Gennaro Contaldo

04/17/2024 39:07
David Gandy

04/10/2024 27:34
Laura Whitmore

04/04/2024 44:23
Joe Wicks

03/28/2024 24:49
Paul C Brunson

03/21/2024 43:14
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Our take on Spooning with Mark Wogan podcast

In Spooning with Mark Wogan, you're invited to a weekly culinary journey with host Mark Wogan, whose family's passion for food is as rich as their dishes. Wogan has seasoned his love for cooking into a podcast that feels like a cozy chat in a friend's kitchen. The debut episode spices things up with chef Tom Kerridge at Soho's Groucho Club, discussing the flavors of life, the pinch of high VAT on pubs, and his latest book. It's a mix of taste tests and candid conversation, promising great content. Spooning with Mark Wogan is a food podcast by Virgin Radio UK.

Producer: Virgin Radio UK
Host: Mark Wogan
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 21
Frequency: Weekly

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