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A Bit of a Mouthful
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A Bit of a Mouthful


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Best of the New Series

03/14/2024 01:00:53
Tiny sandwiches, petrol station cakes, and all sorts of crazy shit from Iceland stores.

03/07/2024 00:53:20
Bring back Brainiac, Magnums are the best ice-cream ever, and the snacks pubs must have

02/29/2024 00:47:40
The Morocco episode!

02/22/2024 01:01:39
Deep hot chocolate joy, dinner with Dads, and heavenly chicken burgers

02/15/2024 00:53:59
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Our take on A Bit of a Mouthful podcast

A Bit of a Mouthful returns with Michael, Sophie, and Willy, dishing out a new series that's as tasty as it is humorous. The first menu includes tear-jerking dinners, satisfying meals, and Michael's burrito adventures, all peppered with their signature segments. Mixing culinary tales with laughter, it is perfect for foodies looking for a side of fun. A Bit of a Mouthful is a food podcast by FoodFMRadio.

Producer: FoodFMRadio
Host: Michael, Sophie and Willy
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 25

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