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Cooked and Booked
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Cooked and Booked

Food Network

Sunny Anderson hosts Cooked and Booked, the podcast where food and true crime get blitzed, blended and baked into one deliciously dangerous dish. Read more


Benihana Brouhaha and Battle of the BBQ Brothers

01/23/2024 32:14
The Infamous Poisoned Candy Scandal

01/16/2024 31:10
A Double Dose of Stolen Family Recipes

01/09/2024 30:11
Secrets of a Michelin Guide Reviewer

01/02/2024 33:00
The Dark Side of the Truffle World

12/19/2023 31:35
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Our take on Cooked and Booked podcast

Dive into the culinary world with Cooked and Booked, where Sunny Anderson, a seasoned Food Network host, brings her global food experiences to the mic weekly for a half-hour gastronomic adventure. In the inaugural episode, she will take you through a tale of an ice cream truck showdown in the heart of Manhattan, chatting with Charles Holmes. Sunny's journey with food adds a rich, personal flavor to the podcast, while her vibrant storytelling will leave you awaiting the next episode. Cooked and Booked is a society & culture podcast by Food Network.

Producer: Food Network
Host: Sunny Anderson
Country: United States
Episodes count: 11
Average duration: 35'
Frequency: Weekly

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