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Squiggly Careers
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Squiggly Careers


Squiggly Careers is a weekly podcast that will help you take control of your career development. Read more


#396 Squiggly Careers Live x Gremlins

04/23/2024 52:32
#395 Why your diary doesn't lie

04/16/2024 45:17
#394 How silos stop you in your job and hold your career back

04/09/2024 24:53
#393 How to close the know-do gap

04/02/2024 29:28
#392 How to make every meeting matter

03/26/2024 35:55
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Our take on Squiggly Careers podcast

Squiggly Careers is out to help you take the reigns of your career and steer it in the direction you'd like it to be. It talks about everything that revolves around work, including proper stress management, micro-aggressions at work, building your confidence and how to discover your strengths and weaknesses. You will also get to listen to ways of avoiding the things that mess with your spirit and how to overcome various challenges that are related to work. Squiggly Careers is hosted by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis, both founders of Amazing If. Amazing If is an award-winning business specialising in consultancy and training and helping people better their careers.

Producer: Pixiu
Host: Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 398
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Weekly

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