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The Career Happiness Podcast
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The Career Happiness Podcast

Soma Ghosh

This podcast is hosted by Soma Ghosh, a Careers adviser who supports women who are unhappy at work. Read more


Episode 220 - 3 ways to avoid job hunting overwhelm

07/11/2024 00:22:44
Episode 219 - How Hypnotherapy can help you if are stressed and anxious at work with Asha Berzon

07/04/2024 00:44:00
Episode 218 - Why the Gender Pay Gap is still a huge problem

06/27/2024 00:40:24
Episode 217 - 4 reasons why Businesses Fail

06/20/2024 00:33:32
Episode 216 -Are you addicted to your job and 3 signs to look out for

06/13/2024 00:30:14
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Our take on The Career Happiness Podcast

The Career Happiness Podcast is perfect for professional women seeking career fulfilment and balance. It is hosted by Soma Ghosh, a qualified Career advisor with years of experience supporting women in their career journeys. This podcast analyzes some of the women's most common problems at work. From bullying to redundancy, starting your own business or changing careers, Soma Ghosh offers insights and practical advice on overcoming these challenges. She also shares inspiring stories from her career happiness journey and her guests', all successful women in their field.

Soma Ghosh
United Kingdom
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