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Big Careers, Small Children
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Big Careers, Small Children


Big Careers Small Children helps ambitious parents progress careers they love whilst being present with their children. Read more


Charlotte Boujassy - How to Let Go of the Pressure of Being a Perfect Parent & Progress Your Career

04/18/2024 40:21
Thorey V. Proppe - How Data Can Improve DEI Policies & Help Close the Gender Pay Gap

04/11/2024 39:13
Brita Fernandez Schmidt - How to Learn to Trust Your Intuition & Manage Your Fears

04/04/2024 38:35
Lea Henry - How to Manage Perfectionism When Combining a Big Career & Young Children

03/28/2024 38:45
Polly Ogden Duffy - How to Progress a Senior Career in a Male-Dominated Industry & Work Flexibly

03/21/2024 38:36
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Our take on Big Careers, Small Children podcast

This podcast seeks to help new parents balance parenting and their careers. It recognises most women's struggle to choose between chasing their ambitions and dreams and taking care of their families. The host talks to several people and inspires business leaders who have successfully balanced their leadership careers and spent time with their families. Big Careers, Small Children is hosted by Verena Hefti. She is the CEO and founder of LeadersPlus. This award-winning social organisation works with people during their maternity, parental leave and even after that. It helps them get the best out of their careers while enjoying their families simultaneously.

Producer: LeaderPlus
Host: Verena Hefti
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 187
Average duration: 42'
Frequency: Weekly

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