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The McCarthy Report
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The McCarthy Report

National Review

American freedom is secured by the commitment of our courts and our people to the rule of law. Read more


Episode 258: Cohen Testifies

05/16/2024 00:56:59
Episode 257: A Stormy Day

05/09/2024 00:41:35
Episode 256: Barreling through Week Two

05/04/2024 00:46:30
Episode 255: Arguing for Immunity

04/25/2024 00:49:05
Episode 254: Week One

04/17/2024 00:59:44
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Our take on The McCarthy Report podcast

The McCarthy Report is an essential podcast discussing key legal questions in the US that impact our freedom. Hosted by Rich Lowry, the editor in chief of National Review, and Andy McCarthy, an experienced prosecutor and law professor, this show delivers thoughtful analysis. With their expertise, they provide balanced insights, avoiding sensationalism found in the media. The McCarthy Report is a politics podcast by National Review.

Producer: National Review
Host: Rich Lowry and Andy McCarthy
Country: United States
Episodes count: 45
Average duration: 50'
Frequency: Weekly

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