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The Victor Davis Hanson Show
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The Victor Davis Hanson Show

Victor Davis Hanson

This is the Victor Davis Hanson Show. Victor is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and the Wayne & Marcia Buske Distinguished Fellow in History at Hillsdale College. Read more


VDH Interviews CEO of AMAC

06/22/2024 00:59:55
Things That Are Not: from "Cheapfakes" to "War Crimes"

06/21/2024 00:59:19
Citizens, Polls, and Blaming Whistleblowers

06/20/2024 01:12:55
Looking Ahead: Gaza War and UK Elections

06/18/2024 01:05:26
The Walls of Constantinople and How the Impenetrable Become Penetrable

06/15/2024 01:06:06
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Our take on The Victor Davis Hanson Show podcast

The Victor Davis Hanson Show is a weekly podcast hosted by award-winning historian and author Victor Davis Hanson. Every week, Davis Hanson engages in thoughtful and in-depth conversations with experts and thought leaders from various disciplines, from foreign policy and international relations to politics and the economy, history and culture. Davis Hanson and co-host Jack Fowler discuss multiple topics and issues that are important to our World today. With his comprehensive knowledge and expertise, Davis Hanson brings a unique and intelligent perspective to every episode. One thing is guaranteed, he makes each of them an entertaining and educational listening experience for listeners of all ages and backgrounds. The Victor Davis Hanson Show is a politics podcast by Victor Davis Hanson and Jack Fowler.

Victor Davis Hanson
Victor Davis Hanson
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