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The Rabbit Hole Detectives
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The Rabbit Hole Detectives

Folding Pocket

Join Reverend Richard Coles, Dr Cat Jarman and Charles Spencer as they chase the provenance of historical objects both real and metaphorical Read more


A Gift of Four Live Leopards

05/22/2024 00:50:10
Smuggled in in a Bedpan

05/15/2024 00:54:26
A Plume of Decomposed Whale

05/08/2024 00:53:59
Oceanic Flatulence

05/01/2024 00:53:25
The Saint and the Swan

04/24/2024 00:52:32
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Our take on The Rabbit Hole Detectives podcast

The Rabbit Hole Detectives takes you on a fascinating journey of historical discovery. Led by Reverend Richard Coles, Dr Cat Jarman and Charles Spencer, this podcast dives deep into the origins of real and symbolic historical objects. Through their expert analysis and compelling storytelling, the hosts unravel the mysteries of the past and explore the context in which the most diverse things were created.  The Rabbit Hole Detectives podcast is a history show by Folding Pocket.

Folding Pocket
Richard Coles, Dr Cat Jarman and Charles Spencer
United Kingdom
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Listener reviews

fiona - 07/11/2023
If history was a giant puzzle, these would be the cheeky kids giggling in the corner, connecting the pieces in ways you never thought possible. A big shout-out to the hosts' infectious passion, which makes every episode a fun trip through history
Benjamin - 06/02/2023
Rabbit Hole Detectives is a hilarious, mind-blowing tour through history’s weirdest relics. The hosts are so passionate, you’d think they were born in a museum! I kid you not, this podcast is the Indiana Jones of history pods. 🔍 you make learning a riot! 😂
Tess - 06/01/2023
This podcast is an intriguing invitation to stepping into the past. I love their storytelling, humour, and historical detective work. Very educative and entertaining content for my commute. Great job!
Nina - 05/29/2023
The Rabbit Hole Detectives is like a treasure hunt, and Rev. Coles, Dr Jarman, and Charles play our guides. My new favourite podcast!

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