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The Wittering Whitehalls
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The Wittering Whitehalls


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LIFE LESSONS: "You CAN teach an old dog new tricks." (with special guest Patricia Hodge!)

04/18/2024 19:23
Godly, Noble & Hilarious (with special guest Patricia Hodge!)

04/15/2024 43:18
LIFE LESSONS: "If you're doing something illicit, make sure you're wearing a sturdy walking shoe."

04/11/2024 19:37
The Gift Registry, Roses & Turning 30

04/08/2024 46:07
LIFE LESSONS: "Always double and triple check, before you post something!"

04/04/2024 15:36
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Our take on The Wittering Whitehalls podcast

The Wittering Whitehalls aims to help you navigate the day-to-day challenges you might face. It is hosted by Michael and Hilary Whitehall, who are the parents of actor and comedian Jack Whitehall. Michael is 82, while Hilary is 60. The two have been married for 36 years, and they share the experiences and knowledge they have gained. In a series of open, hearty conversations, the Whitehalls share their thoughts on everything. They offer a different perspective with the hope that it will help you view life from a different angle. The listeners are also invited to participate in the conversations and can share their views via email.

Producer: Global
Host: Michael and Hilary Whitehall
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 140
Average duration: 32'

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