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The Midlife Mentors
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The Midlife Mentors

Claire and James Davis

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Unlocking Freedom From Alcohol: Interview With Sober Dave (Wilson)

04/20/2024 00:46:49
Midlife Anxiety

04/13/2024 00:30:52
Midlife Career Change

04/06/2024 00:27:11
Best Exercise At Midlife...

03/30/2024 00:33:42
Sleep Posture & Optimising Health: Interview with Expert James Leinhardt

03/24/2024 00:39:44
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Our take on The Midlife Mentors podcast

The Midlife Mentors offers a different approach and perspective toward midlife health and happiness. It is hosted by Claire and James Davis, who are multi-award-winning coaches. They are also midlifers and use their experiences to help you have a more focused and broad approach to midlife. In each episode, they talk about the fitness and dieting myths most midlifers have been told, their reality and their goals. In addition, they Empower, educate and help midlifers set authentic and attainable goals. They also talk about the day-to-day opportunities you can grasp and use to redefine your life.

Host: Claire and James Davis
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 197
Frequency: Weekly

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