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This Bitch
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This Bitch

Kimberly Congdon and Sara Weinshenk

Comedian Kimberly Congdon and Comedian Sara Weinshenk come together every Monday to bring you the comedy you need to jumpstart your week. Read more


Flowing Through Life

04/15/2024 0:47:50
Bline, Torn, and Drooling pt.2

04/08/2024 0:59:26
Blind, Torn, and Drooling with Comedian Josh Potter

04/01/2024 0:36:32
Two Baby Momma's with Comedian Josh Potter

The Squirt Of A Lifetime

03/18/2024 1:00:24
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Our take on This Bitch podcast

Every Monday, comedians Kimberly Congdon and Sara Weinshenk tackle challenging topics to find humor in life's struggles for about fifty minutes. This Bitch is a no-holds-barred podcast filled with unfiltered comedy and thought-provoking conversation. This Bitch is a comedy interviews podcast by Kimberly Congdon and Sara Weinshenk.

Producer: Kimberly Congdon and Sara Weinshenk
Host: Kimberly Congdon and Sara Weinshenk
Country: United States
Episodes count: 131
Average duration: 50’
Frequency: Weekly

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