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Uncovering Roots
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Uncovering Roots

Uncovering Roots

Uncovering Roots is not just a podcast; it's a journey into the lesser-known narratives that deserve to be heard. Read more


The Lost Voice - Aurora Mardiganian: Part 3

12/11/2023 00:34:38
The Lost Voice - Aurora Mardiganian: Part 2

12/11/2023 00:36:16
The Lost Voice - Aurora Mardiganian: Part 1

12/11/2023 00:41:00
Welcome to Uncovering Roots!

12/05/2023 00:01:05

Our take on Uncovering Roots podcast

Uncovering Roots takes you on a compelling exploration of hidden histories, starting with the tale of Aurora Mardiganian. Host Maxim Saakyan brings to life the forgotten narrative of this Armenian Genocide survivor turned Hollywood sensation, whose story is as heartbreaking as it is inspiring. With a mix of personal accounts and expert commentary, this podcast gives voice to the voiceless, starting with a woman whose legacy outshines the lost film she once starred in. Future episodes promise to keep uncovering the untold, from Beirut's queer movement to Lebanon's gender-defying powerlifters. Uncovering Roots is a documentary podcast by Uncovering Roots.

Producer: Uncovering Roots
Host: Maxim Saakyan
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 4
Average duration: 40'

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