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Wagging The Chin
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Wagging The Chin

Lee and Rebecca Meldrum

Husband & Wife duo, chatting about the week, family life & all the goings on in their daily lives! Lee & Rebecca have been sharing snippets of their life online for a decade now and figured it was about time they joined the big bad world of podcasting!  Read more


Surviving not thriving!

03/12/2024 00:30:23
Moving to Dubai?

02/27/2024 00:28:51
What we both bring to the table & our dream dates!

02/06/2024 00:28:54
Weird things that make you happier!

01/30/2024 00:30:48
Heading to the rigs!

01/23/2024 00:26:46
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Our take on Wagging The Chin podcast

Wagging The Chin offers a cozy glimpse into Lee and Rebecca Meldrum's family adventures. With a decade of life-sharing online, this husband-and-wife team brings warmth and relatable stories to a show that feels like catching up with old friends. Wagging The Chin is a kids & family podcast by Rebecca Meldrum.

Host: Lee and Rebecca Meldrum
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 7

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