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The Mom Hour
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The Mom Hour

Mom Hour Media

Co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight kids between them, little to grown. Read more


Our First Year As Kindergarten Moms Is Done And Here's What We Learned

05/17/2024 00:55:54
Elementary School Mom-Life (The Good, The Hard & The Funny): Episode 465

05/14/2024 00:56:50
“Typical” Teen Milestones: They’re Not What You Think! Episode 464

05/07/2024 00:58:15
Real Vs. Artificial (And How We Help Our Kids Tell The Difference)

05/03/2024 01:00:54
New Products & Honest Opinions: Episode 463

04/30/2024 00:59:46
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Our take on The Mom Hour podcast

As much as motherhood has its ups and downs, it is an experience to cherish forever. The Mom Hour is here to help every mom enjoy all the unique moments by providing practical tips and encouragement to withstand shortcomings. In addition, Megan Francis and Sarah Powers use their expertise and experience dealing with eight children to address parenting and other issues regarding motherhood. The advantage of listening to The Mom Hour is getting all this information and guidance in a fun and complete way.  The Mom Hour is a parenting podcast by Mom Hour Media. This show is featured among the best mom podcasts.

Producer: Mom Hour Media
Host: Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers
Country: United States
Episodes count: 733
Average duration: 60'
Frequency: Twice per week

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