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So Into That
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So Into That

Caro Chambers

Substack's #1 food & drink writer invites some of her favorite people to share what they're into right now… whether that's a book, show, recipe, beauty hack... Read more


'the idea of you' author robinne lee reacts to the movie adaptation and the new ending

05/15/2024 00:55:44
how to get rich AF, with vivian tu (@your.richbff)

05/08/2024 01:00:50
ask me anything! mom jealousy, toddler tantrums, money, and more

04/24/2024 00:33:30
angela santomero, the creator of blues clues and daniel tiger, won't mom shame you about screen time

04/17/2024 00:56:55
carly duguid on building the brand of naomi osaka

04/10/2024 01:20:00
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Our take on So Into That podcast

Caro Chambers' 'So Into That' is a breath of fresh air for anyone feeling the pressure. Her opening episode with Emily Oster feels like having a wise friend explain why you can relax about your parenting quirks, from sleep-training worries to picky eaters. Just like her cooking blog, Caro Chambers' podcast is practical, relatable, and a must-listen for those seeking a dose of sanity. So Into That is a society & culture podcast by Caro Chambers.

Caro Chambers
United States
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