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Learning To Mom: The Pregnancy Podcast for First Time Moms and Expecting Mothers
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Learning To Mom: The Pregnancy Podcast for First Time Moms and Expecting Mothers


The best podcast on pregnancy and birth where first time moms, expecting mothers and new moms are informed and empowered WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed.Join Laila on the Learning To Mom ™ Podcast each week as she asks amazing guests in the field of prenatal health the answers to our gazillion first time mom questions:-  What does a contraction feel like? - What's the difference between a doula and a midwife? - What questions should I ask my OBGYN in my prenatal appointments? - How should I prepare our dog to meet our newborn?- Do I have prenatal depression?- What should I include on our baby registry?- Can I keep exercising during pregnancy?- How much kicking should I feel?- What are Pregnancy symptoms>- What are First trimester tips?- What Prenatal vitamins should I take?- What's a healthy Pregnancy diet?- What are Safe exercises during pregnancy?- Are ultrasounds safe, and how do they work? - How do I make a birth plan?- Morning sickness remedies?- Gestational diabetes?- Pregnancy books?- Labor signs?- Breastfeeding tips?- Postpartum care?- Childbirth classes? - Maternity leave rights?- Pregnancy health insurance?AND MORE!!Join the Learning To Mom's community on instagram at @learningtomom.podcastLet's dive in, mom friends!How to prepare for pregnancy What is the best pregnancy podcastThat pregnancy podcastBest pregnancy podcastNatural pregnancy podcastPregnancy podcasts for first time momsPregnancy podcast is it NormalPodcasts for early pregnancyPregnancy podcastsPodcasts for expecting mothersPregnancy podcasts for first time momsPodcasts for expecting mothersPregnancy podcast week by week Read more


Why You NEED a Birth Photographer with Kristen van Gilse | Ep. 38

05/20/2024 00:42:27
What To Expect in the First 48 Hours After Birth with Postpartum Nurse Jessica | Ep. 37

05/13/2024 00:47:42
Tips for Organizing Your Nursery as a First Time Mom | Ep. 36

05/06/2024 00:32:55
What to Expect in Labor: Labor Signs, Contractions, Stages of Labor and More with Emily from Servingtomorrow | Ep. 35

04/29/2024 00:46:38
Overcoming Infertility: an Introduction to Causes and Treatment with Dr. Pero | Ep. 34

04/22/2024 00:24:29
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Our take on Learning To Mom: The Pregnancy Podcast for First Time Moms and Expecting Mothers

Learning To Mom is a weekly show filled with top information and tips for new and expecting mothers. Each episode, lasting around 40 minutes, covers very diverse topics, from doulas and postpartum care for essential after-birth support to choosing childcare or preparing for delivery. You will find information on all aspects of pregnancy and birth, from how to prepare for the third trimester (I can tell you, this can be a game-changer) to incredibly helpful tips on introducing your new baby to pets. An essential listening for navigating the journey of motherhood.

Producer: Laila
Host: Laila
Country: United States
Episodes count: 41
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Weekly

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