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Women's Health: Tales from the Uterus
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Women's Health: Tales from the Uterus


Women's Health is your destination for compelling, stand-out series that touch on all aspects of women's health, like "menopause:unmuted" and "Tales from the Uterus." While each series may focus on a different topic, they're united in their commitment to candid conversations that destigmatize women's health issues and highlight real life people. Read more


Tales from the Uterus​: In Charge But Not in Focus

02/07/2024 00:41:34
Tales from the Uterus​: Dialogue on Disparities

01/31/2024 00:45:19
Tales from the Uterus​: She Copes Therefore She Is

01/24/2024 00:32:33
Tales from the Uterus: Sticking it to Stigma

01/17/2024 00:55:27
Introducing: Tales from the Uterus

01/16/2024 00:02:56
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Our take on Women's Health: Tales from the Uterus podcast

Women's Health: Tales from the Uterus offers a straight-talk dive into women's health issues, led by Dr. Charis Chambers, the Period Doctor, who mixes passion and expertise, one episode at a time. She talks with her guests about diverse topics, many of them taboos, others overseen, all of them highly fascinating. From the unique challenges Black women face to the gaps in healthcare and the common neglect towards period problems, you will listen to all of it here. With a focus on breaking period stigmas and empowering women to seek help, this pod is essential to open the conversation on women's health. Women's Health: Tales from the Uterus is a medicine podcast by Pfizer.

Producer: Pfizer
Host: Dr. Charis Chambers
Country: United States
Episodes count: 30
Average duration: 45'
Frequency: Weekly

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