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A Better You by Fernanda Ramirez
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A Better You by Fernanda Ramirez

Fernanda Ramírez

Welcome to 𝘈 𝘉𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘠𝘰𝘶 podcast by lifestyle, wellness, & self help youtuber - Fernanda Ramirez. Read more


CALLING YOUR ENERGY BACK & RECLAIMING YOUR POWER | how to be present & protect your peace / energy

05/17/2024 00:31:52
HOW TO HAVE MORE FUN IN YOUR LIFE | being spontaneous, saying yes, & living an exciting life

05/02/2024 00:32:02
WHY YOU NEED TO GET OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE | getting over your fears & anxieties + just doing it!!

04/03/2024 00:34:04
MORNING MOTIVATION - listen every day to start your day right! setting intention & gratitude

03/28/2024 00:19:05
HOW TO BUILD THE ULTIMATE SELF CARE ROUTINE THIS SPRING | the 8 pillars of self care + creating a habit tracker

03/22/2024 00:39:45
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Our take on A Better You by Fernanda Ramirez podcast

A Better You is a weekly podcast hosted by the inspiring lifestyle, wellness, and self-help influencer Fernanda Ramirez. In each episode, Fernanda shares her personal stories. In addition, she offers valuable girl-talk advice on how to become the best version of yourself. From learning to romanticize your life to tapping into your confident, independent self, A Better You is packed with practical tips and insights to help you navigate your 20s and beyond. A Better You by Fernanda Ramirez is a personal journals podcast by Fernanda Ramirez.

Fernanda Ramírez
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