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Glue Factory Podcast
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Glue Factory Podcast

Milo Edwards, Riley, Olga Koch and Pierre Novellie

Welcome to the Glue Factory: a new comedy podcast from the creators of Trashfuture, BudPod and more. Read more


S2 E4: Best Niche Actor Feat. Ed Campbell (PoliticsJOE)

04/17/2024 42:03
S2 E3: The Wedding Jacuzzi Feat. Jamie Morton (My Dad Wrote a Porno)

04/03/2024 47:10
S2 E2: The Daily Muck Feat. Mark Watson

03/20/2024 49:11
S2 E1: The Other Mouth Feat. Leo Reich

03/06/2024 48:53
S1 E6: Champagne The Clown Feat. Glenn Moore

02/14/2024 47:59
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Our take on Glue Factory Podcast

The Glue Factory Podcast is a fresh comedic gem where hosts Milo, Olga, Pierre, and Riley join forces with guests like Nish Kumar, Monica Heisey and Glenn Moore to share laugh-out-loud unexpected tales. It's a light-hearted escape that'll have you chuckling along with them. Glue Factory Podcast is a comedy interviews podcast by Glue Factory Podcast.

Host: Milo Edwards, Riley, Olga Koch and Pierre Novellie
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 11

Listener reviews

James - 04/09/2024
I don't know who might see this but I need to vent that Olga ruins this podcast. Don't listen if you can't stand listening to a woman laugh at the top of her lungs with no self awareness that she's got a microphone in front her face.

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