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American History Hit

History Hit

Join Don Wildman twice a week for your hit of American history, as he explores the past to help us understand the United States of today. We’ll hear how codebreakers uncovered secret Japanese plans for the Battle of Midway, visit Chief Powhatan as he prepares for war with the British, see Walt Disney accuse his former colleagues of being communists, and uncover the dark history that lies beneath Central Park.   From pre-colonial America to independence, slavery to civil rights, the gold rush to the space race, join Don as he speaks to leading experts to delve into America’s past. New episodes every Monday and Thursday. Brought to you by History Hit, the award-winning podcast network and world’s best history channel on demand, featuring shows like Dan Snow’s History Hit, Not Just The Tudors and Betwixt the Sheets.Enjoy unlimited access to award-winning original documentaries that are released weekly and AD-FREE podcasts. Read more


Presidential Pardons: Mormons, Conscientious Objectors & January 6th

Today (06/17/2024) 40:53
President Grover Cleveland: Honest to a Fault?

06/13/2024 35:15
The War on Crime: The 1930s and the New Deal

06/10/2024 36:24
America at D-Day

06/06/2024 54:18
Communism in America

06/03/2024 51:59
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Our take on American History Hit podcast

American History Hit is an award-winning show that takes you back in time as it analyzes all aspects of American history. Don Wildman explores the deep past and presents an easy-to-understand context to help us comprehend what's happening today. The American History Hit episodes provide an educative and entertaining space where historians bring their vast knowledge of American history. Listen in every Wednesday and Thursday to learn about the United States, from the pre-colonial times to uncovering Central Park's dark past. 

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