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How do empires rise? Why do they fall? And how have they shaped the world around us today? Read more


141. Nur Jahan: The Most Powerful Mughal Woman

04/17/2024 00:38:36
140. The Light of the World & Empress of India

04/15/2024 00:43:15
139. Mrs Genghis Khan

04/10/2024 00:47:10
138. The Graceful Reed: Ruling the Islamic Empire

04/08/2024 00:43:18
137. Empress Theodora: Making Heaven on Earth

04/03/2024 00:55:37
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Our take on Empire podcast

Empires of different ages and natures shaped the world as we know it today. The history of expansion and domination also explains the adoption of particular languages, rules, social structures and cultural influences.
But how much do you know about the empire's history in detail? William Dalrymple and Anita Anand, make sure you do after listening to this podcast. One story at a time, they talk about the personalities and events of empires throughout history.

Producer: Goalhanger Podcasts
Host: William Dalrymple and Anita Anand
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 143
Average duration: 55'

Listener reviews

Michel Didier - 01/23/2024
Please tell Mr Dalrymple that Zeeland is not an island in Denmark, but one of the two coastal provinces of the Dutch Republic in the 17th Century, the other being Holland. The Zeelanders, although few in number, were avid seafarers, especially in South America and the Pacific. New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, and Eeaster Island are among the best known of their discoveries. Nieuw Zeeland was originally named Stateneiland by Tasman, because he thought it was connected to Stateneiland in South America ( Isla de los Estados); it was rebaptised in 1643 and named after Zeeland. 'Captain Cook' called it New Zealand a century later. The Danish island is called Seeland.
alex hartill - 10/04/2023
loving the lively way history is explored and the guests add to the experience, but is there a reading list to go with the episodes to explore further?
nik a hafiz - 08/10/2023
hi, i'm from malaysia & i have been listening/following to this podcast series for few months too. i have even promoted the podcast to my friends & relatives as we are quite avid readers of history especially that's related to the british colonial era. may i request that an episode is also made about the indians that have been sent to malaysia / singapore / hong kong (the 3 countries that i have resided in too) as there is a good, long, history of them too.' tks & kind regards, -nik
Anna - 07/11/2023
Like a time machine with a fun touch. It takes you on a joyride through history, exploring the rise and fall of great empires. It's like being in a history masterclass, just without the boring bits.
Mica - 07/05/2023
A brilliant journey through time. Each season has got me hooked. Excellent and much-needed perspective on slavery through times. Thanks, William and Anita, for putting out this pod! Absolutely recommend this listening!
Noah - 06/03/2023
As a history junkie, Empire is like a time machine ride I can't resist. It’s like a grand tour of history’s greatest hits! Empires rising, falling, all the juicy details! Anand and Dalrymple? Total history rockstars!
Kate - 05/29/2023
Dalrymple and Anand bring history to life in an entertaining and educational way. A true journey through history. Please keep bringing this great content!

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