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Bad Bad Thing
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Bad Bad Thing


Bad Bad Thing Season 2: The Blackstone Sisters TV show producer Jill Blackstone is accused of killing her disabled sister Wendy, and some of their rescue dogs, by leaving them in a garage with a barbecue grill. Read more


Bonus Episode: Law and Order

12/13/2023 01:07:27
Episode 6:  Pray For Me

11/08/2023 00:43:31
Episode 5: “Black and White Cookies”

11/01/2023 00:39:23
Episode 4: ’Ollywood nights

10/25/2023 00:36:07
Episode 3: The Treadmill

10/18/2023 00:31:40
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Our take on Bad Bad Thing podcast

Bad Bad Things reviews the actual recordings of a cheating husband and his new lover. Barbara Schroeder analyses these recordings by Jennair Gerardot on the husband Mark, who she suspected was having an affair with his beautiful and sexy boss. The podcast reviews the lies, deceit, and struggles that Jennair undergoes, leading to her recording herself and her ultimately suicidal revenge. Emotions are powerful, and Dr Ramani Durvasulais here to help analyse this case from a clinical perspective.

Season 2: Bad Bad Thing: The Blackstone Sisters is a gut-wrenching dive into a complex family drama. Hosted by Emmy-winner Barbara Schroeder, this podcast dissects the twisted tale of Jill Blackstone, a TV producer accused of a heinous crime. Jill claims the death of her disabled sister Wendy and their dogs was an accident, but the police think otherwise. The show skillfully unpacks Jill's conflicting stories, her alleged motives tied to long-term caregiving and financial struggles.
The podcast goes beyond the courtroom, shedding light on Jill's personal life, her devotion to 'saving animals and people,' and the murky evidence surrounding Wendy's death. It's a real-life thriller for anyone who loves true-crime podcasts that dig deep.

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