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The Devil Within
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The Devil Within

Wondery, Cavalry Audio

The podcast THE DEVIL WITHIN returns with A Season in Hell... Read more


Odin and the Delphi Murders

Yesterday (04/24/2024) 00:28:47
Justice for Jeannette

04/19/2024 00:26:26
The Devil Went Down to Jersey

04/17/2024 00:31:02
Florida: Part Two

04/12/2024 00:27:46
Tales from The Sunshine State

04/10/2024 00:28:41
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Our take on The Devil Within podcast

Here is a crime podcast that looks at the life of Michael Taylor, a sweet and church-loving man whose life took a turn for the worst and whose heinous actions affected his loved ones. The Devil Within is about Michael's evil behaviours, which were explained by the local church as demonic possessions. But unfortunately, the brutal exorcisms led to the worse, including killing his wife. The findings of these investigations are shocking, and the only way to reveal the events of this true-story thriller is to listen in to The Devil Within.

Season 1: The family is the foundation of any community and where most of us find peace and solace. However, this was not the case for Betty, who fell victim to her son, Sullivan. On one fateful evening, Sullivan, a thirteen-year-old boy, decided to take the life of his mother and his own a few hours later. The incidents shocked the community, and they couldn’t process what they had witnessed. Join the investigation every Monday as the show presents the shocking findings and conclusions.

Producer: Wondery
Country: United States
Episodes count: 55
Frequency: Weekly

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