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National Park After Dark
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National Park After Dark

Audioboom Studios

Hosted by two friends who share a passion for the outdoors and a fascination with what can go wrong there, National Park After Dark is a podcast for the morbid outdoor enthusiast. Read more


220: Trail Tales 47

Today (04/25/2024) 00:56:36
219: The Disappearance of Everett Ruess ft. Locations Unknown

04/22/2024 01:06:53
218: Trail Tales 46

04/11/2024 00:53:07
217: The Value of Bones. Dinosaur National Monument.

04/08/2024 01:27:32
216: Beyond the Bear. Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site.

04/01/2024 01:03:07
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Our take on National Park After Dark podcast

Many outdoor enthusiasts have experienced terrifying, exciting, and inspiring encounters; however, we still love enjoying time in the wild and returning home safely. National Park After Dark focuses on the stories of those who never left the parks. Cassie and Danielle, who also love outdoor activities, present tales of death and tragic events to those who took an exploration trip not to return. The two review various parks each week, revealing each's beauty and the beast.

Producer: Audioboom Studios
Host: Cassie and Danielle
Country: United States
Episodes count: 222
Average duration: 60'
Frequency: Weekly

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