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Believe in Magic
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Believe in Magic


Jamie Bartlett, host of the hit podcast The Missing Crypto queen, is back with another gripping, investigative serial. Read more


Introducing Believe In Magic

05/02/2023 00:02:47
Episode 1: Megan

05/08/2023 00:22:01
Episode 2: Sleuths

05/11/2023 00:23:48
Episode 3: Proof

05/15/2023 00:27:33
Episode 4: Doctors

05/18/2023 00:27:24
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Our take on Believe in Magic podcast

Believe in Magic explores the extraordinary story of a teenage girl battling a brain tumour and her charity, Believe in Magic. Jamie Bartlett investigates how the charity got the support of pop megastars One Direction and transformed the lives of sick children. But it sheds light on some darker sides, too. Believe in Magic was catapulted to fame in 2015 for its mission to brighten the lives of terminally ill children. Supported by celebrities and even praised by then Prime Minister David Cameron, the charity appeared to bring light to suffering children. Yet, it became suspicious when the organization asked for donations for Megan's emergency treatment. Megan Bhari, reportedly diagnosed with a brain tumour, passed away in 2018 at 23. Posthumously, her condition became the subject of speculation, leading to theories that this podcast examines. Jamie Bartlett portrays both the scepticism surrounding Megan's illness and the denial by her mother, Jean. Bartlett focuses on the online deception and the potential manipulation in a world quick to believe and support. Believe in Magic explores the complex world of illness influencers, examining how they impact public views through medical terms and emotional stories. While it focuses into the mix of sympathy, support, and doubt these influencers create, acknowledges the real happiness Believe in Magic brought to many children. Believe in Magic is a personal journals podcast by BBC Radio.

Jamie Bartlett
United Kingdom
Episodes count
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Seven episode series

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Listener reviews

Graeme - 06/06/2023
Believe in Magic took me on an emotional rollercoaster and I can't get off! Bartlett unravels this tale of philanthropy and suspicion like no other!!!!
LinaP - 06/02/2023
WOOOW!!!!! This podcast transported me to the past! I remember the story of this charity when it was happening, it was super cute and all and then a big scandal, BUM! so when I saw the podcst coming, I was thrilled! And yes! they made super cool stuff out of the story. once again you feel the hope and betrayal, the illness ahd the suspicion, and it's full of ups and downs, it made me feel all kinds of emotions. The characters are great and they build up to new twists that transport you to another world.
Megan D - 05/30/2023
Believe in Magic is nothing but a thrilling investigation into a charity's mysterious journey. I didn't know the story and the host's delicate handling of the narrative had me hooked from start to finish.

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