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Cold Front
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Cold Front

DR LYD Dokumentar & Krimi

On a November day in 2022, Danish journalist Niels finds himself in a small rubber boat out at sea between Denmark and Sweden. Read more


Bonus episode - The correspondent

05/10/2023 00:21:29
6:6 - The Vladimirski

05/03/2023 00:35:30
5:6 - Mandate to kill

05/03/2023 00:34:04
4:6 - The fake letter

05/03/2023 00:38:16
3:6 - The explosion sites

05/03/2023 00:46:07
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Our take on Cold Front podcast

Cold Front will take you to the secrets of Russian spying,  warfare, and disinformation. The immersive storytelling pulls you into a complex hybrid war that feels alarmingly close to home. The expert research and collaboration across the team led by Danish journalist Niels, plus the podcast's credibility and depth will make you feel invested in the drama. Cold Front is a documentary podcast by DR.

Producer: DR LYD Dokumentar & Krimi
Country: Denmark
Episodes count: 7
Average duration: 35'

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