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Frontlines of Journalism
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Frontlines of Journalism


Reflecting on some of the most difficult stories he's reported on, BBC International Editor Jeremy Bowen look at the obstacles that stand between journalists and the truth. Read more


Welcome To Frontlines of Journalism

05/03/2023 00:03:10
1. Off Balance

05/09/2023 00:15:09
2. Not in your shoes

05/09/2023 00:13:53
3. All for nothing

05/09/2023 00:15:13
4. Rules and habits

05/09/2023 00:14:07
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Our take on Frontlines of Journalism podcast

BBC International Editor Jeremy Bowen explores the challenging world of journalism by reflecting on some of the toughest stories he's reported. In just 15 minutes, you will be taken on a captivating journey highlighting the obstacles journalists face in their pursuit of the truth. Bowen's experience as BBC's Middle East correspondent and editor lends a unique perspective to this thought-provoking podcast. His storytelling combines narratives with the realities of journalism, giving you a rare glimpse into the profession. Frontlines of Journalism is a society & culture podcast by BBC Radio 4.

Producer: BBC
Host: Jeremy Bowen
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 23
Average duration: 15'

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