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Collect Call With Suge Knight
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Collect Call With Suge Knight

Breakbeat Media

Collect Call With Suge Knight features raw and unfiltered conversations between the incarcerated legendary founder of Death Row Records and some of hip-hop culture’s most influential figures--past, present and future. Read more


Episode 21 - Dirty Harry

07/09/2024 00:23:01
Episode 20 - Dre Day

06/29/2024 00:39:01
Episode 19 - Different

06/14/2024 00:24:40
Episode 18, Part 2 - Untouchable

06/06/2024 00:22:01
Episode 18 - Responsibility

05/30/2024 00:25:05
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Our take on Collect Call With Suge Knight podcast

Collect Call With Suge Knight is a 30-minute podcast hosted by Knight from his cell, offering an authentic glimpse into hip-hop culture. As he serves a 28-year sentence, the show provides a rare chance to hear his perspectives on music, politics, and personal narratives. This podcast stands out as Knight shares his experiences and connects with both old friends and new artists. In the first episode, the Death Row Records co-founder holds an honest talk where he commends artists like SZA and Cardi B and tackles various controversies and criticisms, marking a bold start to the series. Collect Call With Suge Knight is a society & culture podcast by Breakbeat Media.

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