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The Crown: Fact or Fiction
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The Crown: Fact or Fiction

Mail Metro Media

The Crown: Fact or Fiction is a podcast accompanying the highly anticipated sixth and final season of the Netflix series, The Crown and is co-hosted by the Mail On Sunday's Royal Correspondent, Natasha Livingstone and Mail Columnist and royal biographer, Robert Hardman.They will be watching an entire episode of the show, picking their favourite moments and crucially, picking out whether events are grounded in fact or if a little artistic license has been employed. Read more


Wolferton Splash (The Crown Season 1, Episode 1)

05/02/2024 36:15
Moondust (The Crown Season 3, Episode 7)

04/25/2024 31:24
Scoop with Sam McAlister

04/18/2024 32:42
Marionettes (The Crown Season 2, Episode 5)

04/11/2024 32:40
Aberfan (The Crown Series 3, Episode 3)

04/04/2024 29:20
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Our take on The Crown: Fact or Fiction podcast

Natasha Livingstone and royal expert Robert Hardman guide you through Netflix's series The Crown. Each half-hour episode compares the show's dramatized scenes with actual historical events. Livingstone, an emerging name in royal journalism, offers fresh insights, while Hardman contributes in-depth knowledge from his royal connections. The Crown: Fact or Fiction is a great listen for those interested in how the show blends fiction with the real story of Queen Elizabeth II, covering events from the Suez Crisis to Princess Diana's life and adding depth and exciting facts to the show's narrative. The Crown: Fact or Fiction is a tv & film podcast by Mail Metro Media.

Producer: Mail Metro Media
Host: Natasha Livingstone and Robert Hardman
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 26
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: Weekly

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Listener reviews

Susan Dean - 11/24/2023
Excellent analysis of what really happened in August 1997 & the truth about the Balmoral photoshoot. This episode was enhanced by the recollections of Richard Kay. Looking forward to the next episode. Some of what is portrayed in The Crown obviously didn’t happen. It’s good to hear what the actual protocol is from Robert Hardman & how some incidents/conversations just wouldn’t have taken place. Well done to all involved in the podcast.

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