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Cover Up: Body Brokers
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Cover Up: Body Brokers

The Binge

Cover Up is a series of investigative stories that take us on a journey into a world of subterfuge and secrecy—a world where the truth is concealed under a blanket of lies. Read more


Introducing Cover Up: The Conspiracy Tapes

04/24/2024 00:02:33
The Anthrax Threat I 8. Reasonable Doubt

04/19/2024 00:37:18
Introducing… The Burden

04/18/2024 00:16:13
The Anthrax Threat I 7. The Unraveling

04/12/2024 00:31:03
The Anthrax Threat I 6. The Closers

04/05/2024 00:31:58
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Our take on Cover Up: Body Brokers podcast

Cover Up: Body Brokers cracks the trade of human remains by Megan Hess in Montrose, Colorado. The 30-minute weekly episodes reveal how families were duped, receiving mixed ashes instead of their loved ones. It's shocking to know what some will do for profit and the motives behind this macabre market. Cover Up: Body Brokers is a true crime podcast by Sony Music Entertainment.

Producer: The Binge
Country: United States
Episodes count: 43
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: Weekly

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