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Deep Cover: Never Seen Again
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Deep Cover: Never Seen Again


Deep Cover is a show about people who lead double lives. Read more


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Today (06/17/2024) 00:37:07
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06/10/2024 00:30:02
Introducing: Death of an Artist

05/31/2024 00:22:06
Episode 6: The Verdict

05/27/2024 00:38:58
Episode 5: The Trial

05/20/2024 00:32:32
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Our take on Deep Cover: Never Seen Again podcast

Deep Cover: Uncovering the Secrets of Double Lives is a Pulitzer Prize-winning podcast hosted by journalist Jake Halpern. This thrilling series explores the worlds of deception and crime, revealing webs of lies and the dark underworlds through interviews with federal agents and convicted criminals. The third season, Never Seen Again, cracks the mysterious disappearances of two women in the summer of 1999. Seven years later, a small-town detective's quest to solve the case leads to the clash of their stories. Season two, Mob Land, explored the dangerous world of organized crime as a plunger lawyer joins forces with the FBI to bring down one of the country's most powerful criminal organizations. Season one, The Drug Wars, followed the story of an FBI agent who went undercover with a biker gang and solved a trail of clues that led to the US invasion of a foreign country. Deep Cover: Never Seen Again is a true crime podcast by Pushkin Industries.

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