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The Murder Years
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The Murder Years


A woman reinvestigates the murders that defined her high school years in the 1980s, murders that appear to be happening all over again with a new round of unexplainable, bizarre, and violent deaths. Read more


The Murder Years: Ep. 8 - The Curse

10/12/2023 00:23:44
The Murder Years: Ep. 7 - Lester

10/05/2023 00:28:52
The Murder Years: Ep. 6 - Mr. Billingsley

09/28/2023 00:37:47
The Murder Years: Ep. 5 - Victoria

09/21/2023 00:34:42
The Murder Years: Ep. 4 - Charlotte

09/14/2023 00:36:16
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Our take on The Murder Years podcast

The Murder Years combines the angst of '80s high school dramas with the tension of a modern murder mystery. The podcast revisits notorious murders from the narrator's high school years, only to find history terrifyingly repeating itself. Is it mere coincidence or an unshakable curse? This exciting listen poses questions you'll desperately want answers to. The Murder Years is a true crime podcast by iHeartPodcasts.

Producer: iHeart
Country: United States
Episodes count: 9
Average duration: 25'
Frequency: Weekly

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