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Devil in the Wilderness
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Devil in the Wilderness

Saul Wordsworth

A son uncovers disturbing secrets in the diaries his journalist father left behind. Read more


BONUS FIVE: In conversation with Michael Frayn and Blake Morrison

05/11/2024 35:04
BONUS FOUR: The search for Spratt

04/01/2024 24:46
BONUS THREE: New material

02/01/2024 22:49
BONUS TWO: The Self-Inflicted Wound

12/16/2023 42:19
BONUS ONE: Speeches at the launch

12/04/2023 25:48
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Our take on Devil in the Wilderness podcast

Devil in the Wilderness is a journey into the heart of a family's hidden stories. Hosted by Saul Wordsworth, this six-episode series dives deep into his father's life, Christopher Wordsworth, a man whose legacy is as complex as it is intriguing. Wordsworth's exploration is personal, driven by the discovery of his father's diaries, which hint at dark secrets and a possible crime. What makes this series stand out is Saul's honest approach. He doesn't just share facts; he shares his quest for understanding, his doubts, and the emotional rollercoaster of uncovering truths about his father. Each hourly episode feels like you're sitting down with him, piecing together a puzzle that spans decades, emotions, and the wild landscapes of Snowdonia. It's a story about family, the shadows we inherit, and the quest for truth. You'll find yourself hooked, not just by the mystery, but by the very human story at its core. Devil in the Wilderness is a documentary podcast by Saul Wordsworth.

Saul Wordsworth
Saul Wordsworth
United Kingdom and Australia
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Six episode series

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