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Cariad Lloyd

My goal right from the beginning was that I wanted it to be a podcast that, when it stopped, you didn’t feel worse,” says Cariad Lloyd, host of Griefcast, a weekly interview podcast where media personalities share stories about loved ones they've lost. Read more


Hollie McNish

02/01/2023 1:01:22
Tom Allen

01/25/2023 1:12:56
Cariad Lloyd (in conversation with Poorna Bell)

01/18/2023 1:12:19
Lisa Taddeo

01/11/2023 50:09
The Staves

01/04/2023 55:02
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Our take on Griefcast podcast

Each week, actor and comedian Cariad Lloyd engages in candid and thoughtful conversations with media personalities about their experiences with loss. One episode at a time, you will feel comfort in realizing that you are not alone in their grief. Griefcast has grown and expanded over the years, with Lloyd inviting an array of guests, from actors to writers, to share their stories of loss. As a result, the podcast has become an increasingly valuable resource for those navigating the challenges of grief, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a wealth of episodes available, Griefcast is a reminder of the power of community and conversation in times of hardship. Griefcast is a performing arts podcast by Cariad Lloyd.

Host: Cariad Lloyd
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 190
Average duration: 60'
Frequency: Weekly

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