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Heirs of Enslavement
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Heirs of Enslavement


This is the story of how two Heirs of Enslavement - Clive Lewis MP, a descendent of the enslaved, and Laura Trevelyan, of the enslaver - can come together to right the wrongs of the past.In this six-part series, Clive and Laura will travel to Grenada, Barbados, and back to London to delve into their shared history. Read more


Grenada's Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell

12/22/2023 30:53
The return

12/21/2023 32:12
What now?

12/15/2023 39:05
The Windrush link

12/08/2023 32:28
The climate question

12/01/2023 32:02
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Our take on Heirs of Enslavement podcast

Heirs of Enslavement, a half-hour weekly podcast hosted by Clive Lewis MP and Laura Trevelyan, explores the lasting impact of slavery. It features stories from descendants of enslaved people, discussing their ongoing challenges and social roles, the discrimination they face and the push to recognize their ancestors' legacies. Lewis and Trevelyan use their backgrounds in politics and journalism to help you grasp the historical and current realities, making this pod an educational listen that connects the past to ongoing struggles for justice. Heirs of Enslavement is a history podcast by Persephonica.

Producer: Persephonica
Host: Clive Lewis MP and Laura Trevelyan
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 9
Average duration: 28'
Frequency: Weekly

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