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The Martyrmade Podcast
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The Martyrmade Podcast

Darryl Cooper

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03/31/2024 0:48:40
The Prodigal Sons - Nietzsche and Dostoevsky (Novitate Conference, Nov 2023)

01/31/2024 1:25:55
Blacks and Jews (Complete Series)

11/30/2023 3:21:08
The Complete Jeffrey Epstein Series

11/25/2023 5:27:49
War All the Time: Israel vs. Palestine, 1948-82 (Bonus Episode)

11/10/2023 4:20:49
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Our take on The Martyrmade Podcast

Darryl Cooper's Martyrmade Podcast dives deep into historical events with a level of detail that's as impressive as it is intense. You can start anywhere, but we give you some suggestions. His collaboration with Daniele Bolelli on the My Lai Massacre is a standout, offering a stark look at a dark chapter in history. Additionally, the series on Jim Jones gives a chilling account of the Peoples Temple, while his examination of Nietzsche and Dostoevsky provides a thought-provoking contrast of existential philosophies. But there's more: Cooper's exploration of the Bolsheviks' brutal regime is both harrowing and educational. Prepare for a marathon listening experience; these episodes are not brief. The Martyrmade Podcast is a history podcast by Darryl Cooper.

Darryl Cooper
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