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In Her Defence
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In Her Defence

The Globe and Mail

Amber Tuccaro was 20 years old when she left her infant son with a friend at a motel on the outskirts of Edmonton, and got into a vehicle with an unknown man. Read more


Introducing In Her Defence: 50th Street

05/06/2024 00:03:03
Crime Story: An in-depth interview with Jana Pruden

04/22/2024 00:46:38
Episode 8: Freedom

11/21/2023 00:36:43
Episode 7: Seemed Like a Loser

11/14/2023 00:30:15
Episode 6: Thanks, Gentlemen

11/07/2023 00:31:10
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Our take on In Her Defence podcast

In Her Defence is a six-part series exploring a mysterious family story set on a farm in rural Alberta. The intrigue begins with a haunting Labor Day call in 2011, hinting at the father's disappearance in the middle of a family battle. Through personal and intimate stories, Jana Pruden uncovers the hidden violence and persisting fear, particularly affecting Helen Naslund, who suffers in silence. Each weekly half-hour episode is a raw exploration of human resilience and despair. In Her Defence is a true crime podcast by The Globe and Mail.

Producer: The Globe and Mail
Host: Jana Pruden
Country: Canada
Episodes count: 11
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: Weekly - Six Part Series

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